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Environment, Social and Governance (ESG) 

Our 2024 portfolio of ESG reports are produced to meet the needs of our key external stakeholders, including our investors, categories and customers. They take account of our social, environmental and economic risks and opportunities for the wider motorsport industry.

We're committed to transparent and regular performance reporting using key sustainability reporting frameworks, including the GRI Standards.

Super Sprint is the appointed NZ Premier Promoter of Motorsport in NZ by the sport's governing body MSNZ and FIA. You can learn more about the governing bodies by clicking their logos below.


 PILLAR 1:  


Pillar 1 - Inclusivity:


The Super Sprint Motorsport NZ Championship is pioneering inclusivity within New Zealand's motorsport landscape. Recognising the importance of broadening participation, the championship is laying down pathways for NZ youth, teenagers, men, and women. With an industry worth two billion dollars, their ambition doesn't stop at mere participation; Super Sprint is collaborating deeply with local councils, high schools, and universities in preparation for the 2024 Championship.


These partnerships are geared towards ensuring that every aspect of the Motorsport industry is not only accessible but also celebrated, paving the way for a future where everyone feels welcomed and represented.


  • Diverse Participation:

    • Actively creating pathways for a wide range of demographics, including NZ youth, teenagers, men, and women, to engage in motorsport activities.

  • Industry Collaboration:

    • Building strong relationships with local councils, ensuring alignment in objectives and fostering a more inclusive motorsport culture.

  • Educational Partnerships:

    • Working closely with high schools and universities, promoting motorsport education and involvement at various academic levels.

  • Access to All Areas:

    • Commitment to making every facet of the Motorsport industry accessible, breaking down barriers and ensuring equitable opportunities.

  • Long-Term Focus:

    • Engaging in long-term partnership projects to provide immediate access and sustainably promote inclusivity in motorsport for future generations.


 PILLAR 2:  


 Pillar 2 - Sustainability:


Super Sprint and Motorsport NZ are committed to protecting the environment, the safety of our employees and the health of the communities where we conduct our business, Super Sprint and Motorsport in NZ is a sport that is growing at a phenomenal rate. Ares of growth that Super Sprint is focused on delivering alongside partners such as Toyota NZ are:


  • Biofuels, New alternative fuels such as Hydrogen, Parts recycling, Tyre recycling, Event recycling, and Ensuring our Carbon Footprint is minimised by mapping how we reduce our overall impact.

  • Super Sprint events will be independently audited to ensure high standards of environmental performance and a safe workplace are being implemented in the coming season with the aim of a bronze rating.

  • Super Sprint Motorsport NZ have identified our environmental risks and impacts and apply continuous improvement to reduce them in our operations, including:

    • Major event H&S and RMP Plans

    • Regularly reviewing options around use of low-emission fuels;

    • The efficient use of energy, resources and water.

    • Preventing pollution and reducing waste.

    • The safe removal, storage, handling, recycling and disposal of hazardous materials; and

    • Procedures to avoid and correct accidents or spillages.


 PILLAR 3:  



Pillar 3 - Technology:


Super Sprint's unwavering commitment to technology and innovation seamlessly aligns with New Zealand's spirit of cutting-edge advancement, as embodied by its globally acclaimed Kiwi enterprises. By leveraging state-of-the-art technological advancements and fostering strategic collaborations, Super Sprint is not just setting a benchmark in motorsports but is also harmonizing its objectives with the larger innovative ecosystem of New Zealand to long term be globally recognised. Areas of these developments are…


  • E-Sport Collaboration:

    • Harnessing the potential of e-sports to enrich the motorsport experience and expand its reach Super Sprint will be introducing its own e-sport series that runs parallel to real the life race.


  • Advanced Broadcasting:

    • Utilizing and further developing broadcasting facilities equipped with the latest technological advancements and innovations, Super Sprint is excited that it is now underway with its first broadcasting truck to allow this dream to become reality.


  • Educational Integration:

    • Launching programs in schools and universities, embedding motorsport within the academic ecosystem, thereby ensuring its future relevance and accessibility.


  • Partnership with Tech Giants:

    • Collaborating with leading New Zealand tech magnates such as Rodin Cars, Toyota Gazoo Racing NZ to elevate the technological dimension of motorsport.


  • Pushing Boundaries:

    • Embracing the extreme demands of motorsport on cars, computers, and parts as a challenge to drive continuous technological advancement.


  • Leading in Tech Innovation:

    • Crafting strategies for New Zealand motorsport to join hands with companies and emerge as frontrunners in tech innovation, augmented reality, and other advanced domains.


  • Shaping the Future:

    • Pivoting towards harnessing these technological interventions for the sport and as a learning tool for future generations across NZ.


 PILLAR 4:  


Pillar 4 - Safety:


Safety stands paramount in the ethos of Super Sprint, acting as a bedrock on which all its other endeavours are built. Understanding the inherent risks associated with motorsport, Super Sprint has enshrined safety as its cardinal pillar, ensuring every initiative, collaboration, and program emphasizes securing participants, attendees, and stakeholders. Some of the areas we are focusing on are outlined below:



  • School Rider Program:

    • Introducing students to motorsport in a safe and controlled environment, laying a foundation of safety from a young- age.


  • Comprehensive Driver Training:

    • Ensuring every driver is equipped with the knowledge, techniques, and reflexes to handle any situation on the track.


  • Collaboration with Local Bodies:

    • Working closely with local authorities to impart advanced driving techniques, promoting safety both on and off the racetrack.


  • School Engagement and Education:

    • Infusing motorsport safety principles into school curriculums, shaping responsible future participants.


  • Global Expertise:

    • Leveraging the expertise of some of the most experienced drivers in the world to refine and enhance safety protocols continually.


  • Holistic Event Safety:

    • From event Health & Safety protocols to honing better driving skills, Super Sprint's commitment to safety is all-encompassing.


  • Development Initiatives:

    • Identifying a plethora of avenues to bolster safety measures in motorsport further.


  • Trust Formation for Safety:

    • Proposing the establishment of a trust dedicated to funding leading safety initiatives. While some projects are already operational, many others are in active discussions at regional and council levels.

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